Tahvio’s BBQ

  • Client: Tahvio Gratton
  • SERVICES: Branding, Web Design, Package Design
  • DATE: 2012-2024

    This client was already well established and had a great line up of products. What he lacked was a stronger presence. He needed a solid branding to unify the products and make them stand out in a crowd on the shelves.

    Understanding his ideas and how important his business was to him, it reminded of myself and how I approach my projects. Finding that smooth balance between my style and his ideas was the real challenge.


    Did a total rebranding of his items, making them similar in layout, but totally different individually. Once the rubs and sauces were taken care of, we then approached the web, socials, vehicles, and promotional items to match.

    Since the completion of this rebranding, Tahvio has gained sponsorships, expanded to online sales, store placements, and even stand alone sections in some retail stores.